How to apply for a Food Handlers Permit in Ocho Rios

jamaica-food-handlers-permitAll persons working in the food industry in Jamaica need a food handler’s permit.

In Ocho Rios, once you are working or thinking to apply for a job in the hotels, restaurants etc. a food handler’s permit is a must.

How to apply

Attend the Government clinic in your community, Fill out an application form  and pay the fee of JA$500 ($300 for students).

You will be given a receipt and an appointment date to turn up at the Fern Grove Recreation Center in Fern Grove, Ocho Rios (part of the Basic School), you will be asked to take a passport size picture sign by a pastor or JP.

On the date and time given to you at the clinic, you will attend and take part in a training session taught by personnel from the Ministry of Health. The training will give correct instruction on how to handle food, how to practice personal hygiene and disease prevention before preparing food for public consumption.

After the session a test will be given on the topic that was just discuss. the test papers are mark on the spot, your fingers and hands are exam.

Once everything is okay you will be given a date of approx. eight weeks to collect the permit from the clinic, until that time you can use the receipt as your permit.

The food handlers permit is valued for one year.