Kingston Historical tour

This tour sells to Hotels in and around  Ocho Rios Jamaica

The Kingston Historical Tour takes place in Spanish Town and Kingston. As the capital of Jamaica, Kingston can be considered to be the country’s heartbeat and financial center. It is the largest English-speaking city in the Caribbean and was founded in 1692 after the Port Royal earthquake destroyed most of that area. Because of this, Kingston has a long and colourful history and you’ll be able to learn about it while on this Kingston Historical Tour.

As you tour the city of Kingston, you will learn about the city’s many historic buildings, monuments, landmarks and districts. A local tour guide will accompany you while on this tour to introduce you to the cultural and social impacts that these famous landmarks such as the Bob Marley Museum, The Ward Theatre, Old Spanish Town and much more has had on the country. While at the Bob Marley Museum, the former home of reggae legend Bob Marley, you will get to relive rich memories and see his treasured mementos that preserve his life’s work and accomplishments.

You will get to see his many awards, personal recording studio, favourite clothing and many more. The visit to the Bob Marley museum will last approximately 75 minutes so it is suggested that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes to ensure a comfortable experience. For lunch, you will visit the famous Tracks & Records Lounge, owned by Olympic Gold medalist Usain Bolt, for lunch. Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records contains many mementos from Bolt’s time on the track including his many awards, track spikes, clothing, medals and much more. Food choices include traditional Jamaican dishes such as Jerked chicken or familiar options such as Cheeseburger and fries. The Kingston Historical Tour is a fantastic option for those looking to learn about the culture and history of Jamaica from a different perspective and is ideal for couples or even the entire family so you can’t afford to miss it.