Ocho Rios Seville Great House


The Seville Great House and Heritage Park is located outside the parish capital of St. Ann’s Bay and is one of Jamaica’s most interesting and informative cultural attractions. The history behind the Seville Great House is one of legend as it was here that Christopher Columbus first came in contact with the Taino Indians.

The Taino Indians were the native people, who came to Jamaica from South America about 1000 years before Columbus discovered Jamaica in 1494. Thereafter, the Spanish established one of their most important outposts on the site, until the British ousted the Spanish, and it became a British plantation.

It was here at Seville that 3 distinct cultures – Amerindian, African and European – had a culture clash that eventually made Jamaica what it is today. In recent times, the 300-acre property has become known for it’s beauty and authenticity and features a great house that is currently being used as a museum. Inside the museum, you will find an informative tour of Jamaica’s humble beginnings from the period 650AD all the way up to the 19th Century. The Seville Great House museum also features artifacts from the past such as relics from the Taino, African, Spanish and British communities in Jamaica. Because of this, the Seville Great House and Heritage Park was recently made a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Also on the property are the ruins of the Spanish Governor’s castle, a 17th century water wheel and a Spanish sugar mill. The Seville Great House is an ideal location for special events such as picnics, dinners and weddings.