The fantastic Blue Hole and Falls – Ocho Rios

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The White River that empties into the Caribbean Sea at the border of St Ann and St Mary parishes is a remarkable river, spanning many attractions along its banks as it winds its way down through the hills of these two north coast parishes.

One such attraction is the remarkably beautiful Blue Hole, located in the district of Thatch Hill near to the community of Lodge in St Ann.

Truth be told, it’s no longer a secret, it’s just too beautiful. Jamaicans and visitors to the island share this unspoilt beauty and with reviews giving the highest ratings to the attraction, Blue Hole gets more popular each day.

Around 88 percent of reviewers rate the attraction as “excellent,” and for those rating it excellent and good, the rating climbs to 97 percent!

There is some amount of uncertainty about whether the attraction is in St Mary or St Ann. The fact is, the White River collars the entire border line that separates both parishes, so any activity along the river course could be shared by both parishes.

Anyway, more about the attraction itself. Blue Hole is more than just one pool of cool, soothing water. The area consists of many water holes, each of an incredibly beautiful blue/aqua shade that makes it so remarkably inviting, just tempting you to jump in.

Further up in the hills, after you pass the water holes, a five-minute trek will take you up to the cascading waterfalls. And more inviting water holes.

Part of what makes this attraction so endearing is the natural, rustic setting, as it is largely undeveloped. There are trails leading up to the falls (steps carved in the dirt) and you will find, in the midst of the wilderness, stalls or mini bars where you can refresh yourself with jelly coconuts or Red Stripe beer, or fruits that are in season.
And there is no show to see. In fact, you are the show. You can swing out on a vine and let go and splash!!! Into the water. Or you can dive or somersault off a cliff into the water below.

If you’re not so daring, you can simply relax in the water and feel its calming, soothing, almost therapeutic effect.

There are guides who will help you along the way and ensure your safety in and out of the water.

And the greatest thing is that, there is no form of harassment whatsoever. That seems to have helped pushed up the ratings.

However, seeing that the place is not officially developed and licensed as a tourist attraction, you should exercise caution when you go there.

There is even a sign that says, swim at your own risk.  And that adds to the thrill and adventure!

Why don’t you experience it for yourself and see what the buzz is all about.

Directions from Ocho Rios: Heading towards St Mary, make a right turn at the traffic lights at White River, beside the Texaco gas station and this will lead you to Exchange. Continue pass Exchange and make a left turn at Lodge, then not far from there, there is a Jamaica Public Service (JPS) power plant, turn beside the plant and up the rocky road, maybe 300 to 400 meters, you are at Blue Hole.